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Cardiff jeweller launches special collection for the Community Foundation in Wales

Cardiff jeweller launches special collection for the Community Foundation in Wales
Jewellery designer Emma-Kate Francis has collaborated with the Community Foundation in Wales to launch a new jewellery collection.
The new collection is called 'Daffodil', inspired by the logo of the Foundation, with each piece handmade from sterling silver, gold plated and complete with a pearl centre. A percentage from each purchase will be donated to the Fund for Wales and the design is set to be officially launched at the beginning of November.
Emma-Kate has previously designed pieces for the Victoria & Albert Museum and renowned international jewellers, Jersey Pearl. Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted in her boutique studio in the heart of Cardiff's Arcade Quarter.
"When the Community Foundation in Wales approached me I was thrilled as it's a wonderful charity to support. I hope people love the new Daffodil jewellery collection and continue to support the great work the Foundation is doing across Wales."
Mari-Wyn Elias-Jones, Development Manager at the Foundation, said; “We are so excited to have a Community Foundation in Wales design created by Emma-Kate. As a charity we are passionate about promoting philanthropy in Wales and are always looking for new and interesting ways to do this, which makes this partnership particularly perfect.
“It has been a pleasure working with Emma-Kate and the Foundation team are pleased to see our supporters are as excited about this new collection as we are. I was in Canada for the North American Festival of Wales this year and there was a lot of interest in the pieces I had on display, so I can’t wait to launch them during our Philanthropy Week events.”
The Fund for Wales is a campaign of the Community Foundation in Wales. The Fund inspires people who love Wales to give effectively to support Welsh communities. The Fund makes grants to Welsh community organisation and projects, awarding across five themes: young people; community; health; culture; and environment. To read about the projects funded and the growing community of donors visit the Fund for Wales website.   
The Daffodil collection is available for preorder at emmakatefrancis.com.