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Fourteen Community - Bro Aberffraw

Bro Aberffraw is made up of the small rural villages Aberffraw, Soar, Hermon, Bethel, Malltraeth, Capel Mawr, Llangristiolus, Newborough, Llangaffo and Dwyran in the South West part of the Isle of Anglesey. Containing around 5,000 people the community is small, close knit and always looking for new ways to improve the lives of people in the community. Bro Aberffraw’s priorities under the Fourteen programme are to strengthen the community organisations who work at the heart of the community, and increase the number activities which people want to take part in and which enhance their community pride, wellbeing and health.


The Panel commissioned a Disability Research Project to be carried out in Spring 2017 by Arwel Jones Associates and Barod CIC to research and engage with the needs of people with disabilities and their carers. The project will run for three months with a final report making recommendations on the type of projects which would be most beneficial for people with disabilities. The Panel has ringfenced £25,000 to fund projects as a result of this report.


At the end of 2016 the Panel awarded two grants to sports projects totalling £12,900.
Bodorgan Juniors FC £5,000 To improve the training opportunities available to the club’s young people.
Ynys Mon Athletics Club £7,900 To introduce the popular Park Run weekly 5k to Bro Aberffraw, encouraging local people to get involved and increase wellbeing through health and fitness.

In 2016 the Panel commissioned two projects which would help to communicate the message of Fourteen to the wider community. Members of Malltraeth Ymlaen managed a Film Project which worked with young people and community members to talk about the place volunteering has in the community, especially when villages are faced with school closures. The film will be shown in schools and community venues in Spring/Summer 2017. A newsletter project set out to bring interested individuals together, deliver training and build skills to enable volunteers to produce a quarterly community newsletter. Despite facing difficulties the first edition of the newspaper was delivered to every home in Bro Aberffraw in April 2017.


In March 2016, the Bro Aberffraw Panel awarded four grants to community groups totalling £41,284.

Llyn Parc Mawr Community Woodland Group £24,968 To create opportunities to engage local people through an expansive woodland management volunteer programme and community woodland events, increasing participation in outdoor activities designed to improve wellbeing.

Criw Niwbwrch Cyf - Art Project £7,976 To enable local residents to create pictures/ collages/writings that reflect physical surroundings that will form an art installation in each village of Bro Aberffraw. Maps for walkers/cyclists/wheelchair users will be produced showing local routes starting within the vicinity of the installations to create an Arts Trail through the community.

Red Squirrel Trust £5,800 To produce an educational pack that will be delivered within 5 primary schools in Bro Aberffraw area, including woodland sessions in Llyn Parc Mawr. Talks will also be given in other venues across the community, culminating in a Red Squirrel family/community event at Llyn Parc Mawr woodland.

Criw Niwbwrch Cyf - Memory Café £2,540 To provide a social activity where people with Dementia and their Carers can meet for friendship and support in a warm and welcoming environment where recreational activities - Creative/Sensory/Musical/Physical (soft play) can be shared. 

Malltraeth Ymlaen – Gwyl Bro Aberffraw Festival £1,687 To hold a festival day for the community featuring family friendly activities and cultural performances.

In June 2015, the Bro Aberffraw Panel awarded 19 grants to community groups totalling £16,428.

Always Aim High Events Community Ltd £950 To increase the number of local young people participating in the Newborough Junior Sandman triathlon to be held in September 2015.
Atgof.com £1,000 To fund an art installation on Llanddwyn Island that would use forged oystershells, to be found and retained by volunteers at a community event.
Bodorgan Community Centre £626 To provide a better amplification system to allow more people who are hard of hearing to participate in community meetings.
Bodorgan Joint Venture £1,000 To run Gwledd Gymunedol BODORGAN Community Feast and to share information about the Fourteen Programme.
Bodorgan Juniors FC £1,000 To fund football leaders, welfare and first aid courses for members and replenish training stocks, kit and facilities.
Bodorgan Women's Institute £530 To hold free Water Colour Painting Sessions so that more people can participate in arts activity and promote the WI.
Criw Niwbwrch CYF - Babanod Rhosyr £340 To run a Teddy Bears Picnic to help increase participation in the twice-weekly Babanod Rhosyr sessions.
Criw Niwbwrch CYF - The Square Project £930 To run four sessions for local people to work on rejuvenating Newborough Square by planting flowers.
Criw Niwbwrch CYF - The Summer Forest School £1,000 To run free Summer Forest School Sessions for local children to participate in outdoor activity.
Eisteddfod Mon Paradwys a'r Fro 2016 £1,000 To bring in more volunteers for the Mon Eisteddfod in May 2016.
GeoMon Global Park £1,000 To train local volunteers to participate in leading Newborough Forest and Llanddwyn geo-heritage trails.
Gwynedd Archeological Trust £980 To lead two archaeological guided walks which aim to increase participation in decision making relating to Bro Aberffraw's historical assets.
Llanddwyn, Newborough Women's Institute £498 To hold a Centenary Event to celebrate the Women’s Institute and encourage more people to participate in the WI.
Llyn Parc Mawr Community Woodland Group £1,000 To run a Community Event in Llyn Parc Mawr to get more people to volunteer and participate in activities in the Woodland.
Malltraeth Ymlaen CYF £854 To buy picnic tables for the Bodorgan Adventure trail to increase parent participation in volunteering.
Newborough Football Club £1,000 To cover rent and resurfacing of a pitch, to re-establish a football club in Newborough in which local people can participate.
Newborough Leisure Club £720 To continue providing days out for older people living in Newborough by covering the costs of coach hire and keeping costs down for members, to remove barriers to participation.
Syrcas Circus Ltd £1,000 To fund a yurt construction course to engage local people and increase their participation in outdoor activities.
The Severn Wye Agency £1,000 To fund a household mail based survey that would promote participation by identifying environmental and heritage assets in Bro Aberffraw.


To read more about how the Fourteen programme has already made a difference in Bro Aberffraw, click here.